Bumble Bee Inspired Necklace


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The bumble bee necklace, made with sterling silver and gold is our limited edition product. Hand textured with fine detailing and a delicate finish; this necklace is perfect for bee lovers.

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Bring your love of bumblebees wherever you go with this limited edition Silver and gold bee necklace. This updated version is a blend of 925 sterling silver with fine gold, perfect for bee lovers. Made with love, this necklace is molded in the shape of a bee, making you nostalgic of pleasant midsummer days. The intimated black and jonquil gold stripes with tiny silver wings are put together to give you the genuine depiction of the bumblebee.

Our bumblebee necklace, just like other necklaces, represents our noble cause; save the bees. With your every purchase, a part of it is spent to help and provide these delicate creatures with a suitable environment to live in. Thus, we’re trying to combine the cause with fashion.

Top up your jewelry collection with this unique, alluring and hand-made bee necklace to show your compassion and care for bees, or gift it to a bee-lover to make their day.

As its limited edition, grab your hands on it before it runs out of stock.






Bumble Bee Inspired Necklace


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